John A Jeffords


John A. Jeffords was born and raised in South Carolina. Florence was the city which John A. Jeffords resided until he moved to Columbia South Carolina to pursue his degree in Finance. Growing up in Florence, John A. Jeffords loved to play golf and had a natural knack for it. Growing up, you would always find John A. Jeffords playing rounds of golf at the Florence Country Club. Throughout his high school years, John A. Jeffords competed in numerous golf tournaments. John A. Jeffords, his team and his coach Gran Bennett would travel all over the South Carolina to compete against other high school in tournaments. John A. Jeffords and his team won every single game against these local high schools and are proud to have such bragging rights of being undefeated.

John A. Jeffords loved golf very much but halted his competitive golf playing when he went onto college. John A. Jeffords’ teammate, Jack Lewis went on to becoming an Amateur golf player and made it to the Masters competition. Having a teammate in the Masters gave John A. Jeffords the opportunity to meet the golf icon, Arnold Palmer. Upon meeting Arnold Palmer, John A Jeffords’ brother was inspired to continue his love for golf and play on Wake Forrest University’s golf team. To this day John A. Jeffords and his brother Van still have an undying love for golf and would occasionally play when they both have free time to get together.

John A. Jeffords and his brother Van are very close to each other. Not only did they grow up playing golf together, the two found their way 60 feet off the shore of South Carolina doing off shore fishing. Their hobby of off shore fishing began when the two decided to take their 31 foot Fountain boat further than their usual in shore fishing radius. The two did not know that this hobby would change their life. Their skill at off shore fishing quickly accelerated. John A. Jeffords and his brother were invited to the National King Mackerel Tournament twice. John A. Jeffords and his brother won one of the King Mackerel tournaments at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Other than having the chance to say that he has won a King Mackerel tournament, John A. Jeffords can also boast about his record for catching the second largest yellowfin tuna in South Carolina. John A. Jeffords recalls that it took him a little over two hours to reel in the 206 pound yellowfin.

When John A. Jeffords isn’t golfing or fishing with his brother Van on his free time, he is working hard at building his already impressive resume in the financial industry. Not only did John A. Jeffords receive his bachelor’s degree in Finance, he went onto being a Certified Investment Management Analyst from the Wharton School of Business in the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, John A. Jeffords has accumulated over 35 years of experience in the financial industry. Over 20 of those years were spent managing a team at branch offices. John A. Jeffords is also a Registered Financial Advisor. When he isn’t specializing in portfolio structure or asset class optimization, he has been a financial investment advisor for George Rogers. Not only has he helped Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers, John A. Jeffords helped managed Hale Irwin’s retirement plan.


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